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    Partial Dentate case scenario

    Partial Dentate case scenario
    The major benefits achieved with implant treatment the edentulous patients transferred early partially solve specific problems dentate patients, where shown to be very effective in appropriate cases. The situation, However, more complex than in the case of edentulous, since there are often several treatment modalities
    could be used, and the status of existing teeth and additional support structures
    difficulties. Dental implants are not an alternative oral hygiene or inadequate treatment of poor planning, and if improperly inserted in Patients can present a major problem partially dentate when extra teeth are lost.

    Missing teeth are single, especially because of trauma, with Not an uncommon problem, which can in many cases easily solved using traditional restorative techniques. However, there are some cases where this is not it produces technically feasible or fewer results. Recognizing these cases, planning and implementation implant-based treatment to discuss.

    The ability to develop interfaces in osseointegrated various locations resulted in a wide range  of potential applications for dental and skull implants.

    A treatment with dental implants can be very complex procedure for planning enforcement, and management of subsequent problems. Despite the high success rate of the technique, not the unknown and managed by avoiding the best place than corrected after the event. Emphasis on this approach from the front consultation on, and covering different techniques may need to be employed when difficulties arise.


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