• Monday, April 4, 2011

    General Treatment with Dental Implants

    Treatment with dental implants has significantly extended range of care that we provide to patients, but in spite of its applications to a new for example, facial prosthetics, anchoring hearing aids and orthodontic treatment used primarily for prosthetic rehabilitation. If the potential benefits of their use is maximized, then it is important that the implant is selected
    is a logical basis, and located within full range of treatments available restorative dentistry.

    Treatment planning
    Treatment should not be based on hope, it is in the mind of the dentist or the patient, but accurate information, understanding the patient's problems, the recognition of appropriate care options and agreed on the selection of one of the most will be necessary. This is not necessarily the most complex procedures or used as an aid Dental Implants. Their use is likely to succeed if it is selected as a sound basis.

    Dental Implant Surgery
    Real increase in dental implants, it is essential their optimal use and a lot more than only the surgical creation of an internal bony defect installation and the implant body. The technique requires proper planning and consultation with Dental team, even though the surgeon and prosthodontist are the same person. Although the integrated dental implant is the key to success, it is of little use if it is misplaced.

    Edentulous CASE
    Although the number of edentulous individuals is falling in many countries, which are often the mouth cripples. It is for this reason, treatment of such patients was one of the priorities of the early pioneers Dental implantology. The procedure may bring Using easily solved traditional restorative techniques. But there are some situations where this is not technically feasible, or produce inferior results. Identification of these cases, the planning and implementation of appropriate implant treatment.


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