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    Work Equipments in Dentistry

    In dentistry, the range of equipment is vast; however, it can be consolidated into two groups, namely equipment and instruments. Equipment is fixed or portable and manually or power operated. Examples of both groups appear below:

    . Decontamination equipment
    . Dental chair, unit and light
    . Disposables
    . Gas cylinders
    . Hand-held dental instruments
    . Office equipment
    . Portable electrical appliances
    . Pressure vessels
    . Radiography equipment
    . Rotary or air-driven instruments
    . Suction units

    The above is not an exhaustive list as it is impractical to list everything. However, the requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations and other associated legislation must be applied to everything that comes under the definition of work equipment.

    Hazards associated with work Equipment

    An appreciation of the hazards presented by work equipment is important in order to effectively implement the safety precautions. The hazards range from relatively minor consequences to more serious and, in some cases, potentially fatal ones. The following list provides an overview of the more generic hazards:

    . Electric shock
    . Fire
    . Faulty design or installation
    . Entanglement with moving parts
    . Entrapment from equipment falling over
    . Impact from the release of particles ejecting
    . Biological, chemical or radioactive contamination
    . Noise or vibration
    . Dusts, vapours or fumes
    . Burns or scalds from contact with heating
    . Transmission of infectious disease through
    . Upper limb disorder from poor posture
    . Uncontrollable release of stored energy under pressure resulting in explosion

    Everyone is exposed to the above hazards; therefore, the safety of users, operators, others in the immediate vicinity and the outcome of instrument malfunction or failure which may adversely affect patient care must be addressed.


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